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Happy Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays! Happy Christmas!  Merry New Year!  Isn’t this exciting, what with the holidays and celebrating and warm fuzzy feelings that taste really good when they’re paired with the right mixers?  Am I right or am I right?  Whatever the case, it’s the most soundtrack-y time of the year!  We were previewing the songs in the house and Debbie said “Sounds awfully poppy to me.”  So behold!  The Mix Tape Pop!  Presented for you in majestic quadrophonic sound (assuming quadraphonic is another word for digital music strung together and offered for the low low price of plenty of nothing)!  Now… on with the show…

Makes Me Want to Die                    White Reaper                        White Reaper Does it Again
01 Make Me Wanna Die.mp3
I also loved this song when it had a dozen different names and it was done by the Buzzcocks.

Lampshades on Fire             Modest Mouse                       Strangers to Ourselves
02 Lampshades On Fire.mp3
8 years since the last Modest Mouse album and yet they still find a way to make an album that sounds like they picked up right where they left off.  Which is great news if you don’t think Modest Mouse albums are wildly uneven and range from amazing songs to tracks you have to muscle through.

Rise and Shine                     Mr. Gnome                The Heart of a Dark Star
03 Rise and Shine.mp3
Album of the year, even if it came out at the tail end of 2014.  An absolute delight filled with twists and turns and all sorts of deliciousness.  It’s so good that I’m scared to listen to their previous album because it can’t possibly hold up.  Because wow.  Daddy like.  A lot.

When I Was Done Dying                 Dan Deacon               Glass Rifer
03 When I Was Done Dying.mp3
WhenIwasherelisteningtoDanDeacon’swords/Ithoughttomyselfthattheyseemquiteabsurd/butIamnoSeussandheisnocat/soIwilljustlistenandsaythatisthat/butohit’ssogoodandthealbum’sosweet/thatIcanjustsitdowninmycomfyseat/andgetlostinthesongsthatsingtomysoul/andletmymindwanderwhereeveritgoes/sayinghey ya ya hey ya ya hey ya ya hey hey hey…

Snakeskin                 Deerhunter               Fading Frontier
07 Snakeskin.mp3
What I love about certain songs is the way that listening to them makes me feel kinda cool.  Kinda hip.  Kinda… Fonzie.  So I can sit back in my car and pretend to be “that guy” that you look at and think “yeah – he’s cool.”  And this could have been one of those songs!  Except when I was listening to it, I was driving a rental car and there’s no song that can do all those things for a guy in a Ford Focus.

Can’t Keep Checking My Phone               Unknown Mortal Orchestra                        Multi-Love
04 Can't Keep Checking My Phone.mp3
This is the song that proves that I am a teenage girl.  Because I totes follow Tunde Adebimpe on Instagram (he’s soooo dreamy! ***swoon***) and when he, like, said that the Unknown Mortal Orchestra is “like, actually 1000% absolutely great,” I totally spotified them and stuff, right?  And you know what?  He was, like, right and stuff!  Sigh. 

Sugah Daddy             D’Angelo                   Black Messiah
04 Sugar Daddy.mp3
Go ahead.  Try to listen to this song while you’re walking anywhere and not have a swerve in your step.  Because I swear when I was in the grocery store and it came on, I turned into James Brown and the cart is my microphone stand.  Just a little stutter step and glide and cart 360 spin and oooooooh ba ba ba ba bump… slide  (oooow!   Kiss myself!)

Lights On                  Big Grams                 Big Grams
02 Lights On.mp3
Last year’s Phantogram hit “Fall in Love” became a bit of an obsession of mine.  Something about it really turned my head and I couldn’t get enough of it.  So when I found out that they had a new album coming out with Big Boi from Outkast?  Who am I to say no?  Granted, I could have used more than 7 songs, but 7 is just a multiplier when you have an album on repeat, right?

Death is a Girl                      Mini Mansions                     The Great Pretenders
1-02 Death Is A Girl.mp3

The big find of the year.  Holden and I discovered Mini Mansions at Shaky Knees and fell in love.  It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it, so Palmer and I give it high marks.  And the band has a lead bassist (apparently that’s a thing), so Holden gives it high marks.  And they have a singer that sounds rather effete, so Debbie… well, she’s not a fan.  But three out of four ain’t bad, right? 

Figure it Out             Royal Blood               Royal Blood
03 Figure It Out.mp3

This band is a bassist and drummer.  That’s it.  Just two guys.  I know this because I went and saw them live with Holden.  But I listen to this and can’t believe it because… well, listen to it.  How is that possible?  It’s like magic.  Except instead magic where you get creeped out by David Blaine, it’s magic where you are tapping along and wishing you could be driving on an open road just a little faster than the law says you’re allowed.

We Are Siamese                   The Lees of Memory                        Sisyphus Says
01 We are Siamese.mp3
Shoegaze isn’t dead.  It just took a nap for a little while. 

An American Dream                        Daniel Ash                Stripped
An American Dream.mp3
Dear Daniel Ash – I will always love you.  And not just because you’re willing to take songs from every part of your career and completely deconstruct and then rebuild them like you did on this album.  And not just because you were such a massive part of my youth.  And not just because you’re the perfect rock star.  Instead I’m going to say it’s a little of column A, B and C put together.

Cloud 69 Lowell We Loved Her Dearly
(tee hee hee)
02 Cloud 69.mp3

Wait  Wavves V
I was digging this song off the new FIDLAR album.  Whoops, I mean I was enjoying it on the new Desaparecidos album.  My bad.  I meant the Jacuzzi Boys new one.  What?  This is Wavves?  Are you sure?  Ok - lemme try again.  I really enjoyed this song by a band of three or four white guys in their 20's playing music in their garage.  That should cover it, right?
09 Wait.mp3

Last to Know             Imperial Teen                       Feel the Sound
03 Last to Know.mp3
There is something so 70’s AM radio about this whole album that it makes me want to go buy some polyester shirts and feel good about it.

Into the Light                        Heartless Bastards               Restless Ones
07 Into the Light.mp3
They almost lost me.  We saw them at Shaky Knees and they almost exclusively played songs off the new album that hadn’t been released yet and I thought that was rude.  But then the album came out and against my better judgment, I bought it.  And it’s really good.  Now I just need to find a time machine so I can go back and watch them live again and actually enjoy it.

Perth              Beirut             No No No
06 Perth.mp3
What’s hard is when I get to a song and can’t figure out what to say about it.  Do I give this one grief because it’s taken Beirut 4 years to come out with a new album?  Do I mention how the album doesn’t sound like a bunch of forgotten Eastern Bloc folk songs?  Or do I just shut up and bask in the warm sweetness of the songs that aren’t filling but taste great?  I would tell you what the answer is but I’m kinda sorta basking in the

Let It Grow                Maximum Balloon (feat. Karen O & Tunde Adebimpe)             Let It Grow
01 Let It Grow.mp3

The Maximum Balloon album isn’t out yet.  Not sure when it will be.  I don’t think there’s going to be another Yeah Yeah Yeahs album.  I’m sure that TV on the Radio isn’t coming out with anything new for a bit.  In the interim, this will have to do.  And that’s ok.  Because mmmmmm….

Fun City                    John Barry                Midnight Cowboy Soundtrack
04 Fun City.mp3
The rule of the game is that it qualifies for the annual Dave McLean cd if I purchased it this year.  In the past 12 months, I bought the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack for the 3rd time.  So it qualifies.  And this song gets special dispensation because it’s one of the best songs in the history of ever.  It’s the muzak on the elevator to heaven.  You’re welcome.

Bonus Songs! 
If you make a cd out of the previous 19 songs, then the cd will filled and it will be fun and you can sing along and if you have kids in the car, they can sing along too.  What fun!  But 19 songs does not a year make.  So these are some extra ones that were just too good to not include but wouldn't fit on the cd that I made that I play that the boys sing along to with me.  And part of the reason these songs didn't fit was because sometimes artists use words that only grown ups can say, ok kids?  So...

Master of My Craft Parquet Courts Light Up Gold
Oh, I do love these crazy kids from that nutty city of New York.  Why?  Fugeddaboutit!  If I have to tell you, then you clearly ain't listening'!
01 Master of My Craft.mp3

The Day is my Enemy Prodigy The Day is my Enemy
I can't let them go.  They haven't done much new for over 10 years but I still find myself excited about the new Prodigy album like it's the mid 90's.  I pretend it's because the boys like them (and oh, do they like Prodigy!) but... I dunno.  They're old guys masquerading as youth with feigned excitement.  And if that doesn't remind you of a certain guy who's writing these words right now, I don't know what will
01 The Day is My Enemy.mp3

Reflexion The Chemical Brothers Born in Echoes
The soft spot I have for the Prodigy?  Awfully similar to the one I have for Chemical Brothers.  Just makes me want to go get some really baggy jeans and have a smart drink and dance dance dance the night away.
07 Reflexion.mp3

Motherf***ker Faith No More Sol Invictus
I absolutely hate that I can't sing this song when there's mixed company (be it kids or... well, anyone except for a choice few).  Because daaaaaaayum it's good. I wish I could say that the rest of the album was as good but whutareyagunnado?  I did get to take Holden to see them when they were on tour this summer.  You know what's fun?  Reliving your youth and living it vicariously through your kids at the same time.  Sigh.  Such a delight.  If you want to try it, you can borrow one of the boys.  They're good for loan outs to shows.  
08 Mother____er.mp3

Ah, 2015.  You were an interesting friend to visit with.  And I look forward to meeting your younger sibling 2016.  But it’s been a pleasure hanging out with you.  And for those of you still paying attention, I hope you have / had a great Christmas, and that 2016 is exactly what it needs to be for you.  It’d be cool if we could hang out some time, yeah?  Give me a call.  We’ll make it a party.

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