Episode 7 - The Line of Action


Here's the definition of the Line of Action, which is also known as the 180 rule which I just realized I never mentioned in the podcast.  My bad.  But here you go...

My Dinner With Andre

Literally a two hour movie of two guys sitting at a table and having a conversation over dinner.  My house is divided on it - I think it's kind of amazing but my wife promised that if I ever made her sit through a minute of it again, she was going to make me watch The Notebook, Sex and the City, and a Julia Roberts marathon.  Needless to say, I haven't watched My Dinner With Andre since out of fear she'll accidentally walk in the room when it's on

The French over

Maybe not the best video ever about shooting in cars but it's short and it will do for our purposes.  The video is about camera angles for cars in general but at 1:35, it gives good examples of a French over in a car

The French Reverse

This is where I was going to put a link that would help describe the French Reverse better but I'm having no luck finding anything.  What's really bugging me is the few times the French Reverse is mentioned, it's talked about as something that is easy because you don't have to change the lighting but that couldn't be further from the truth unless the lighting is just over camera, flat and boring.  So instead of linking to lies, I'm going to include a link to the Idles song that was in my head when I started the podcast.  You're welcome.